Double Tape Samaru

For all your crafting needs, Samaru Double Tape offers a quick, easy and no-mess option for sticking your projects together. For simple adhesion without the use of glue, this tape will stick your materials together. Samaru Double Tape can be used on variety of surfaces, whether it is plastic or papers. Ideals for your scrapbooking and other art projects. Size available: - 5mm x 9m - 11mm x 9m - 22mm x 9m - 44mm x 9m

Product Category : Double Side Tape Tissue
Product Name : Double Tape Samaru
Product Number : SR5101
Adhesive Type : hotmelt-acrylic
Adhesive Strength : 479-683 g/inch
Thickness : 80±10 micron
Tensiles : 40-50 N/mm2
Elongations : 15-35 %
Application of tapes : Bonding
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