BOPP Tape Clear Samaru

Samaru BOPP tape is made from biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film and acrylic adhesive to form a product that is highly stable and can be easily engineered to pack anything. Other than for packaging purpose, Samaru BOPP tape can also be used for simple repairing such as attaching tear paper and for art projects. This tape can be use on a multitude of substances such as paper, plastics and metals among others. Size availables: - 11 mm x 50 m - 24 mm x 50 m - 25 mm x 50 m

Product Category : BOPP
Product Name : OPP Tape Clear Samaru
Product Number : SR101
Adhesive Type : acrylic
Adhesive Strength : 606-654
Thickness : 43±1
Tensiles : 82-89
Elongations : 148-178
Application of tapes : Packing, Bundling, Bonding, Wrapping
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